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Work with: Leica, Martini, BMW, GQ, Volkswagen, Kofein, Kia, Lays, British Higher School Of Art And Design, Grape, MTS, FunkyPunky, HTC, HPMT, Moscow Film School, The Viewmakers Studio, Condé Nast, Garage, Moremoney, Naadya, Xuman
Annanas Production / ZEN video for SMM
Разработка сценариев, идей для нативного продвижения брендов, создания вирусной рекламы, а так же видео ролики для Instagram. Вообщем мы делаем качественный продакшн с пониманием дела, а так же всё что связанно с видео в с Соцсетях и их продвижением
This story is about Alexander. He was born and grew up in Norilsk - northern russian town over Arctic Circle. In 1980s, when he was young, his family made handmade sweaters. And now 25 years later they start their family business again.
Drozd vs. Ouanna
Pre-fight press conference video. Production: Stereotactic. Producer: Lev Maslov.
Villagers — The Waves (MMOTHS remix)
Naadya / Pirats
We will soon forget where did and where it goes and how ships are broken an acute water we knew once
from the mouth of the King I saw the pirates hoot we will soon forget where did we are so far
Moremoney — 25 / 10
Cover for Lenta project aquarium.lenta.ru
We love video and photography. We are close to the projects of creative people, we are well infuse the atmosphere of wedding days (if they are really made for people) and still do not forget about the skateboard.
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